Secure Swiss Data development timeline

Two years ago few proponents of online privacy, who believe that our privacy is an essential prerequisite of our civil liberties and human rights, gathered together and started discussing the idea of creating a bespoke system that will protect online privacy. And that is how Secure Swiss Data was born.

So over the course of 2017 an idea was developed about creating a Swiss based unique end-to-end encrypted communication and collaboration system. The idea behind the system is to stop hackers, corporations and governments from scanning our emails or getting access to our private information, but at the same time to be user friendly, so anyone can easily use it and be sure that they have the highest level of protection online.

From designing to developing the first prototype and with testing help we got to mid 2018 when we released the improved FREE easy to use end-to-end encrypted email Apps for iOS and Android.

But, we do not want to stop there. Our team is already in the process of developing other features, in order to be able to provide you with ultimate security online, which can be seen from the Development Timeline.

We are very passionate about our mission and in order to speed things up we are asking for community help because we know we can release all features within next 6 months with additional funding. The funded money will be used for faster roll-out of new SSD features.

Other than these features we are planning to integrate blockchain for additional level of security over the course of 2019.

We are creating the system to enable everyone to easily use encryption for all types of communications: from encrypted email and files to encrypted messenger on any personal device.

Protect your data now via our FREE encrypted email for Android and iOS

More features including encrypted calendar, file storage, tasks, notes will be launched soon.
Support Us Now to roll them out more quickly.

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