Encrypted Attachments and improved Expiration Timer

As you already know we released our Mobile Apps for the Improved End-to-end Encrypted Email Service on the 3rd of July. The mobile Apps for Android and iOS will provide you with an opportunity to easily protect personal email communications. You can download an app now for FREE and get 500MB of storage:

SSD Encrypted Email download on google_play


SSD Encrypted Email download on App Store


Since then we have released few updated versions with bug fixes, performance update and improved functionality based on users feedback.

On top of that we are pleased to announce the new features for our users. Every Secure Swiss Data user is now able to:

  • Set Expiration Timer
    • To auto delete your email messages from your and your Secure Swiss Data recipient’s mailbox after a specific period of time
  • Send Encrypted Attachments to other Secure Swiss Data users
    • The attachments can be in any format you like
    • There is no limit for the number of attachments
    • You can attach up to 25MB

You can also use Secure Swiss Data Encrypted Email Apps to:

  • Send and receive encrypted emails to and from SSD users
  • Send non-encrypted emails to non-SSD users. Any email sent and received via our system is stored in an encrypted fashion
  • Save email addresses to your device contacts list and choose the needed one when creating an email
  • Easily organize emails in Folders. You can Create/Update/Delete Custom folders and move around emails at your own convenience
  • Search for an email by typing in the full subject or just a phrase from the subject line

All the above features have been made easy-to-use, so there would be no need for you to worry that encrypted email is something complicated. The improved interface is as simple as Gmail.

Other Features are on their way and will be developed in the upcoming months.

Stay tuned,
Enjoy Your Privacy
The Secure Swiss Data Team

Protect your data now via our FREE encrypted email for Android and iOS with 500MB of storage.

More features including encrypted calendar, file storage, tasks, notes etc. will be launched soon.
Support us on Indiegogo Now to roll out these features sooner.

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