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In our highly connected world, it has become clear that the security and the design of IT infrastructure is critical to the safety and security of your data and your privacy protection. Our platform has been engineered from the ground up to ensure its security and reliability to meet all Privacy by Design requirements:

  • Privacy must be incorporated into networked data systems and technologies, by default.
  • Privacy must become integral to organizational priorities, project objectives, design processes, and planning operations.
  • Privacy must be embedded into every standard, protocol and process that touches our lives.

By using end-to-end encryption in our system, we commit to be proactive in protecting client’s email communication and collaboration, thus preventative preserve their privacy.

That’s why our motto is:

Most of us have nothing to hide, 
But we all have something to lose

Registered in Switzerland, our Service is subject to the national laws of Switzerland and we do our best to provide clients with the maximum level of privacy in this legislation.

  • We do not require ANY personal information to create an account
  • We do not have any advertising on our site
  • Data is always stored in encrypted format on our servers
  • When an account is closed, data is immediately deleted from production servers
  • Data disclose only if we receive an enforceable court order from the Swiss Federal Supreme Court.

Comprehensive security and therefore privacy protection can only be achieved through a combination of technology, operational principles and legal protections.

Switzerland + advanced IT infrastructure = service that is both reliable and secure.

  • Communication is end-to-end encrypted - even if intercepted it will be still encrypted
  • Data is stored encrypted on our servers - in breach only encrypted data can be disclosed
  • We don’t have access to the private keys - Neither we cannot read messages
  • Open source standards embedded in the service design, that are regularly reviewed for flaws

At Secure Swiss Data we believe that your privacy is an essential prerequisite of your civil liberties and human rights. That is why we have created our platform with Zero-Knowledge in mind:

  • We require NO personal data in the process of creating the account
  • Our Zero-Knowledge platform means we would only be able to release data that is encrypted since we do NOT have access to the decryption keys

We protect data in transit with the SSL Secured Connection

SSL to secure the connection

The communication between our server and the client’s device is furthermore secured with SSL connection. Data transferred between our server and client’s device is already encrypted by means of the end-to-end encryption, but on top of that we add another layer of protection, SSL connection, thus make sure your entire traffic to our server is protected from MITM (Man in the Middle) attack.

Our Privacy policy and Terms of Service are always open and available for the user to access:

  • On the website
  • During the process of registration

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