Collaboration Features

At the heart of our system is the ability to communicate with ease and reliability.
Its powerful email, contact management and file storage services are designed for efficiency.

Calendar & Scheduling

Your calendar is one of the most important piece of information about you, it’s your personal diary more

Files & Sharing

Every day we share files and photos with colleagues and family. These can be stolen by anyone more

Tasks & Notes

Your notes and tasks can sometimes reveal more about you than your files or calendar more

How It Works

With just over 100 billion emails sent and received every day, email remains the predominant form of communication. This trend is expected to continue, and business emails will account for over 132 billion sent and received every day by the end of 2017.

Watch our video and see how our encrypted system will work for you.

Keep Your Files Synchronised

Across Any Device. On Any Platform

  • On your Web Browser
  • App on your PC/Smart Device
  • On Windows, Linux, Mac
  • On IOS, Android, Windows Mobile

Allowing people to collaborate and connect to their data in confidence, no matter where they are across any device.

                            Free emails


      Encrypted emails

Free emails (Nothing is ever free)

Cost: Your personal information and everything about you

  • All your emails are read and scanned for key words and phrases and this information is sold
  • All of your pictures and files are copied, stored, and sold to various companies worldwide
  • Your physical movements are tracked 24 hours a day and are sold to advertising agencies
  • Your personal bank and credit card information can easily be stolen and sold and used

compare the price you pay in exchange for “free”


Encrypted emails (Always totally secure)

Cost: You pay a small affordable monthly price for encryption

  • All of your emails are totally encrypted and are not able to be intercepted by anyone
  • All of your pictures, files, and calendars are encrypted and can only be accessed by you
  • Your physical location and movements are never tracked for marketing purposes
  • Your data is never sold to any third party and is always secure and encrypted in your personal vault

discover the price you pay for peace
of mind


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