30 10, 2017

9 Ways Your Government Is Spying on Your Internet Activity

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In recent years, a lot of concern has come regarding government spying on internet activity. Although the NSA continues to monitor the internet activity of Americans, it has simply [...]

26 08, 2017

Infographic: Internet Monitoring

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Internet monitoring is the act of capturing data as it travels across the internet towards its intended destination. - taken out from Privacy International's explainer. The internet traffic, or all [...]

14 07, 2017

Did Google get “intelligent” enough not to scan users’ emails anymore?

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Or they are transferring the scanning in another form of their email service? Google to preserve user’s privacy? Even though analysts may say “Privacy is dead”, people are getting more [...]

2 07, 2017

What will it be: the “Five Eyes” or the EU?

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It didn't take long Britain to bring the IP Bill to life after a draft had been introduced in the Parliament. Only a year. "The 245 pages contained the [...]

28 05, 2017

Infographic: Communications Surveillance

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Everything from monitoring, interception, collection, preservation to retention of information by a third party, that has been communicated, relayed or generated over communications networks to a group of recipients is called [...]

8 12, 2016

Mass Surveillance Is Linked To Dictatorships

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The Arab Spring had an unlikely beneficiary - Western technology firms. The Atlantic reports that Middle Eastern governments paid big businesses from the other side of the planet a lot [...]