Release Notes: Encrypted attachments for everyone and improved UX

After our first Mobile App Release on the 31st of May we have released few versions and upgraded the App with new features, like:

With the latest two releases we are pleased to announce few improvements of the app for our users.
Every Secure Swiss Data user is now able to send encrypted attachments to everyone using the Secure Mail App!

  • Support of encrypted attachments for everyone, both Secure Swiss Data and external recipients - Now you can send encrypted attachments to external users, too, using encryption password and a hint.
  • Progress bar for encrypting attachments - Know how long it will take for your attachment to be encrypted
  • General UX improvements - for better user experience and improved functionality
  • Bug fixing and Stabilization - based on users feedback from different mobile devices
  • In the App only: when the user opens the email, the Expiration timer indicator and counter bar says when an email is going to expire

Stay tuned,
The Secure Swiss Data Team

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