New Release: End-to-end Encrypted Email for Businesses

Today we are pleased to announce our New Release, Fully End-to-end Encrypted Email for Business Communication to easily protect corporate data from compromise.

“Everyone is a proponent of strong encryption”, says Dorothy Denning, an American information security researcher.

Cyber security danger increases every year: from 2011 to 2015 the number of US major data breaches increased by almost 50%. Financial data, intellectual property, employee personal data, and customers’ data, all of these can be compromised, causing your company damage on an unprecedented scale.

It is estimated that 75% of corporate knowledge can be found in the emails of its employees!

However, nearly all email services don’t provide a high-level of encryption protection.

Secure Swiss Data end-to-end encryption helps companies to protect their data against compromise or attack, whilst communicating safely and securely.

With our servers located in Switzerland, in a former military bunker buried deep within the Swiss Alps, we protect corporate data both online and offline, utilizing one of the world’s last bastions of political and legal legislation and neutrality to ensure fortification together with the highest level of encryption available.

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Also, Employees can have email access to all necessary information on-the-go, through the Secure Mail App for Android and iPhone, and use all the app features like:

  • Send and receive end-to-end encrypted email and attachments to colleagues
  • Send encrypted emails to external users
  • Set an expiration timer to encrypted emails to auto delete them after a period of time

While you consider what encrypted solution to choose for your corporate data, you can Install our Mobile App and use it for FREE.

Support Us bring more secure options to the world

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