New Release: Mobile Apps for the Improved End-to-end Encrypted Email Service are now available on app stores!

Today we are pleased to announce the release of the beta version of Secure Swiss Data End-to-end Encrypted Email Service.

The mobile Apps for Android and iOS will provide you with an opportunity to easily protect personal email communications. You can download an app now for FREE:

SSD Encrypted Email download on google_play


SSD Encrypted Email download on App Store


“You have to fight for your privacy or lose it”, says Eric Schmidt.

Only yesterday happened 6,679,037 hacker attacks, so nobody’s private data is secure. Moreover, all those mainstream email services are scanning your emails for keywords and sell your private data to different Companies to target you with ads. So, you are not paranoid if you get that feeling that someone is spying on you and knows everything about you.

With Secure Swiss Data end-to-end encryption service your email communications will be protected against compromises or hacker attacks.

With our servers located in Switzerland, in a former military bunker buried deep within the Swiss Alps, we protect your data both online and offline. We have chosen Switzerland to store your data, because it’s one of the world’s last bastions of political and legal neutrality. Also, the privacy protection laws there are the strictest in the world.

What you can do with the Apps

Use the Apps to Sign up for FREE to Secure Swiss Data Encrypted Email service and Choose your preferable domain among the 30 available.

Setup your Avatar and Name according to your preference and manage your password in the Settings section.

Secure Remote Password protocol brings applications security to the next level as no password data is sent to the server. Only you have access to this crucial piece of information.

The fact that the password is never sent to and never stored on the server makes it possible to use the same password for both authenticating the user and encrypting/decrypting user’s data within the end-to-end encrypted communication.

So, you can reset your password and restore access to your account for future use, but you can’t decrypt previously sent and received email messages.

Once you create secure email account you can:

  • Send/receive encrypted emails (with attachments) to/from SSD users
  • Send non-encrypted emails (with attachments) to non-SSD users - the emails will be stored in an encrypted fashion in your inbox anyway
  • Manage emails with Star, Flag, Move, Delete options
  • Organize emails in Predefined and Custom Folders and move around emails at your own convenience
  • Search through emails by subject line keywords
  • Starring, Flagging emails, Swipe to Move/Delete options make the client convenient and easy to use, just like you are already used to.

All the above features have been made easy-to-use, so there would be no need for you to worry that encrypted email is something complicated. The improved interface is as simple as Gmail.

Other Features are on their way and will be developed in the upcoming months.

Stay tuned,
Enjoy Your Privacy
The Secure Swiss Data Team

Protect your data now via our FREE encrypted email for Android and iOS

More features including encrypted calendar, file storage, tasks, notes etc. will be launched soon.
Support us on Indiegogo Now to roll out these features sooner.

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