Do you have the feeling that your Mailbox Ads are constantly following you? Want to get rid of them?

You probably forgot the good old days when you were using the Email service like a pro in everyday correspondence. You had different contact lists: work colleagues, family, friends…

It was working like a charm and it was confidential and secure. You didn’t worry that someone was spying on you or reading your emails. You had full control over your inbox.

You were sending many emails per day: some of them had very little private information, but some of them contained too much sensitive data. And… your only worries were the correct grammar and the right vocabulary.

Those were the days when we were competing in Email content, style and voice of the messages…

Now… It’s all gone…

You don’t believe in Email as a service anymore. You are 100% certain that someone is watching you and reading your emails. So, you are using email communication only when you have to, highly cautious that someone, not authorized, can read your message.

  • you don’t put into it sensitive data,
  • you don’t put emotions into emails,
  • you don’t put personal data…
  • You put only minimum information just to understand each other.

Where did those lovely letters go?

Hours and hours writing and re-writing, just to compose a good email to touch the recipient? To generate a new business with just one email? There is no such Professional Email Correspondence now…

Maybe, there is a solution.

But, first let’s examine how your Personal Data from “Free Email” providers is used?

You already know and see those annoying Ads everywhere in your Inbox. They are personalized according to your interest and the Content of the emails that you send or read.

“In Gmail, ads are related to the content of your messages.
Our goal is to provide Gmail users with ads that are useful
and relevant to their interests”.

— Gmail’s privacy settings

Free online services use your data to make money

  • They have all of your email contacts
  • They have programs that read every email you send and receive
  • They collect your telephone numbers, location, photos, tweets, pokes, analytics data, and even your internet search history
  • They sell your information about who you are and what you do to all of the advertising companies, who in turn sell that information again
  • They collect your credit card information, including what you have bought and of course where, when and at what time

Even though they aren’t explicitly saying that, they are making money on your data and they are using it to influence your decisions and shape your behavior.

They are selling your interests and data to businesses and they are making money on you.

Yahoo’s worldwide net digital ad revenues was $3.28 billion in 2015

Do you want to be sold? If you are like us, you probably don’t.

Here at Secure Swiss Data we believe that your privacy is an essential prerequisite of your civil liberties and human rights. No one should be allowed to snoop around your private thoughts, and no global advertising organization should be able to profit from data mining your communications. Privacy is not about having something to hide, it’s about the right to control what you want to share and what you want to keep to yourself.

So, you want to get back your Professional Correspondence service and get rid of Mailbox Ads?

Want to start using your email like a professional:

  • no one else to be able to read your emails - except the recipient,
  • no targeting by interest,
  • secure email built with privacy in mind?

Our clean design and user friendly GUI are especially designed for those who want straightforward and good professional interface. Those who want to concentrate on email communication and email content.

We will never collect information about you nor track your activities in your email inbox. You will never see any ads in your inbox, too.

The UI of Secure Swiss Data email app will be dedicated to your email activities. Every pixel will be yours, to be confident and comfortable while writing Professional Emails, dedicated for real people, people who want to be in touch with you - with full trust of you and emails that you send to them.

They will never be afraid to open your emails, because with Secure Swiss Data secure emails you will build trust.

Want to Sign up for our service?

Don’t be late to protect your Private Data. You don’t want someone to read your private communications.

We believe in your right to privacy, so we’ll offer a FOREVER FREE starter plan, for everyone and everywhere.

You will be able to test it, you will be able to use it: Free Secure Email and 500MB space for your emails.

Get Protected!

Most of us have nothing to hide, but we all have something to lose

You will get a service that:

  • Is advertisement free
  • will never collect information about you
  • never read your emails or copy anything
  • never track your location and will never sell information about you
  • Encrypted
  • totally secure

How much does your Privacy cost?

Many businesses monthly spend Hundreds, even Thousands, of dollars to show their messages to you - even right into your “free” email service inbox.

Mainstream email providers sell your data, your interest. Business are willing to pay for that data a lot of money.

If businesses see a lot of value from you, how much would you pay to protect your Private Data: 100$, 1000$ monthly?

We are offering you to start protecting your data. The free basic plan will be available for you to try and see how you can transform your email into the old way of communication:

  • Clear
  • Pure
  • Professional
  • With Private and valuable content

See what we are up to


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