Infographic: What is Data Protection?

Your personal data is all about you: you’re the subject, the product and the prize. You may think your data is not worth it, but for those who want to market things at you, you’re worth a small fortune, because they want to predict your behavior and want to know everything about you.

Data protection is defined and designed to protect your personal information and give you right to know what happens to it. Your personal information can be collected, processed and stored by “automated” means or intended to be part of a filing system.

Data controllers or the Architects and Administrators of the

  • devices
  • operating systems and
  • apps you use.

follow you around both online and offline. But, do you know who they are, how they collect your data and what they do with it?

This is where data protection law comes in: to defend your personal information and safeguard it from all those who want it and prevent it from being abused.

That is why, around the world, more than 100 countries have implemented some level of data protection.

However, because information travels around the world through borderless networks, even if you live somewhere where your data is protected it can end up  in countries that have different laws or not at all. All this means you have no remedies if your rights are abused.

Tech Companies and Governments know that the more rights you have the more control you have and they will earn less off of your information. So, they want to store and analyze your data sometimes even without your consent.

This is why the data protection laws need to prevent all this from happening by

  • Ensuring that there are no secret databases and that the purpose of the data and its uses are specified at the time and not ever extended.
  • Only data that is necessary should be collected and it should be kept up to date, secure and be deleted when no longer necessary
  • No information should ever be passed on without consent
  • Crucially we should have access to our information and the right to challenge what’s being held and to seek its deletion, rectification or modification at anytime we choose

Learn more about Data Protection and get involved from the Privacy International website.

While governments have rolled out extensive surveillance operations and online privacy is under threat from large corporations and rouge cyber criminals, tight encryption and better online security measures seem to be the best option for individuals and businesses concerned about their data privacy.

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