Trump Controls The NSA Now. Still Want To Use Unencrypted Emails?

If there’s one word that should capture your attention after this gruesome election cycle here in America, it’s ‘emails’.

Not only did Clinton lose the chance to be the first female POTUS because of it, but it’s now possible that a Trump administration will be in charge of the agency that has a tap on every word of communication in the country.

There’s a crucial lesson here for citizens on either side of the debate. We can all agree on one fundamental principle - privacy.

The War on Privacy

Across the world, privacy is under threat. From the GCHQ in the UK to the CSE in Canada, government spy agencies have received tremendous funding over the past few years. The reason for this is simple. Governments can push for more surveillance when people are afraid of terrorism.

Under successive governments, more money is invested in surveillances tools and these agencies rack up tremendous power. If the power remains with a responsible entity this apparatus works to protect people. The only problem is governments change, and there’s no way to know who inherits this power eventually.

Now, after roundly defeating Clinton, the NSA and FBI’s humongous spying power has fallen into the lap of a man who peeked over his wife’s shoulder to see who she was voting for.

Trump has ridden the wave of paranoia right up to the White House. His plans for the future of surveillance in the country should worry every citizen.

What You Can Do?

There’s one clear way to protect yourself and your business. Simply don’t do what Clinton did.

In other words, encrypt your data and use secure systems to protect yourself. Your business data is incredibly valuable. Of course, Wikileaks isn’t going to post your private messages to its site and you won’t lose the position for Commander in Chief. But you will lose your customer’s data, your payment information, your intellectual property and perhaps even some money if you don’t act right away.

Now is the time to seriously reconsider the infrastructure you’ve put in place at your business. If there’s any way to attack your online system, you can be assured people will exploit it in the near term.

Trump’s presidency should add to this sense of urgency. The political system is highly volatile now. Make no mistake, the government has access to every byte sent across servers in the United States.

Make your data secure, you alone can access it

The only way to protect the data is to make it so secure, you alone can access it. This means the platform running your email communications should encrypt the data completely and not even offer itself access to it.

Secure Swiss Data subscribes to this philosophy. By encrypting all your emails the data is securely stored away and accessible only by you. Our two-factor verification ensures you can get to the data easily regardless of where you are.

If the developers and owners of the platform cannot access your data, there’s no way of it getting in the wrong hands. This election should really drive home the importance of encrypted communications.

Get your emails locked down right away.

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