Still using unencrypted email service, even after the Yahoo Data Breach officialized?

That’s not good at all.

It was last week when Yahoo officialized that 500 MILLION Yahoo users are potential victims of hackers back in 2014. They may know their names and email addresses and not only that: they may also have their phone numbers, birth dates, and all of their contacts.

Although they say passwords were encrypted and in hashed format, the security questions weren’t. So, if you’ve been using the same security question anywhere else during these two years consider changing it.

Why did  Yahoo announce the breach now?

It is just the time to Verizon finish the process of buying Yahoo and merging it down with AOL, when these news come in. But, now Verizon is silent about what it will happen.

Yahoo claims that it is a “state-sponsored attack”, but nothing is proven for now. If you look back for other breaches, you will find LinkedIn, MySpace, Tumblr, Ebay and many others. You can see that no one touches Google. Is it really unbreakable, or is it just a state-sponsored company to easily conduct surveillance? (Don’t tell anyone we’ve told you this. 🤐) If, so Yahoo may be right. It is still a competition.

So, are you still using Yahoo?

Yes that could work for now, but what happens after the next breach? All over again?

And how do you know if you are or you are not in those 500K? How do you know how much they know about you up until now?

That’s why we suggest you to forget about Yahoo. Start encrypting your email communications. Start protecting:

  • your thoughts,
  • your life and
  • your contacts, too.

Even if there is a breach, no one would be able to read your email since they are all encrypted.

It is what we can encourage you to do and in order for you to be able do that we offer a fully encrypted email and data services. That way you can be sure  to encrypt your email communications.

You don’t have to know how encryption works, you don’t have to know what PGP is. It is good to learn more about what you will be using, but you won’t have to become encryption master. You only subscribe and you get fully encrypted data services.

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