Google Products Track Your Location And There’s Nothing You Can Do About It

There’s been a lot of complaints about the pathetic battery life on most Android smartphones. Battery power has always been a bottleneck to the fast-paced technical evolution of mobiles, but one of the main reasons for battery drain is location tracking.

Turning GPS off is a quick fix for this, but it turns out that’s easier said than done on a Google device.

Google Play collects location data

Google Play is often the main culprit when you check to see which app tracks your location the most. You can use settings to limit the access specific apps have to your GPS, but doing so with the Play Store is nearly impossible.

This way, your phone (and your) location is constantly collected by Google. This data is readily passed onto ‘authorized’ app developers and companies willing to pay the company for the privilege.

The only way to block Google from getting to this data is by switching location data off completely. In other words, if you ever put location data on, even just for one small application, you let Google in through the backdoor as well.

Not The Only Problem

Google Play isn’t the only problem here. Other Google products are just as data hungry. The recent Allo app has already been reported to log private messages. It’s the most recent messaging app with the least amount of privacy protection. Google backtracked on its promise to encrypt the messages end-to-end and only log messaging data for short while before getting rid of it.

Meanwhile, there are reports that the incognito mode on Google’s Chrome browser may not be as private as many expect.

Security experts in the industry will be quick to point out that Google’s whole business model relies on collecting and utilizing data. Android is widely considered to be one of the least secure mobile platforms on the market today.

There are Better Options

For businesses and individuals who value their data, there are better options.

Mainstream apps and devices log almost all the data that goes through them. This could leave you and your client’s information unacceptably vulnerable to attack. Manufacturers and tech giants are either compelled to create backdoors into their operating system by governments or enticed by the lucrative business of big data. This means all the information stored on mainstream online services is logged into unencrypted data centers. Governments and hackers can easily get to the data.

Businesses must consider sophisticated and encrypted online tools for their email communication.

You don’t need to be an online security expert to protect your valuable data. You don’t even need to know any encryption technique to do so.

What we offer is a simple way to encrypt all your communications and store them securely as long as you need it.

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