Do you really know what you allow your apps to do?

Do you have a smartphone? Of course you do, we all do.

Now that your smartphone is connected online all the time, do you think you should care more about your privacy and what your phone does without your knowledge?

Let’s try out something: Go to your smartphone store, whether it is Google’s Play, the App Store, or the Windows Apps store, depending on your smartphone’s Operating System. Browse an application that you may want to install and then pay close attention to what you allow that application to do on your phone rather than just clicking yes to everything.

Very few of us are aware of what permissions we give to the apps on our phone. We just click Allow and Agree on everything without reading the information.

Most smartphone users would be totally shocked by how much control your phone has when they click “allow” to an app, and how exposed they allow themselves to be.

That is why Silent Circle conducted the survey above to ask people to read some of the permissions out loud that some of the most popular apps on their smartphone ask for. Just watch for their reactions, and yours.

What does that cost you?

If people knew more about digital privacy, then they would care more about it.

You may think that you don’t mind sharing all that information with the app makers. But, what happens when you find out that they

  • profit from all your data
  • influence your decisions
  • and, can shape your behavior

Would you still give consent to every term and condition to use your personal information?

Nowadays, we can’t imagine a world without being online, but every one of us is responsible to take control for our own communications devices and choose carefully how we use them.

  • Every day we willingly hand over our data in exchange for apps that provide services for something in return.
  • We communicate freely, but we don’t know who might be listening or where our personal conversations and data is being used and stored.
  • We don’t need to cease all of these behaviors, but we do need to make sure we’re aware of what we’re handing over and how it will be used.

So, don’t just allow everything on your smartphone. Read carefully, and then decide. Maybe you’ll realize that you don’t want to share your Facebook, twitter or phone contacts with companies who’s mascot you like today, but who may be owned by someone else tomorrow.

Now, if you want to take the control over your phone, and protect your privacy you can start by using the Blackphone from Silent Circle. It gives you the convenience of a smartphone and total security and privacy that other smartphones can’t provide.

What we want is for people to be able to make better informed decisions and, more importantly, better equipped to take control of their privacy.

Enjoy your Privacy.

Welcome to Secure Swiss Data.

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