What Are The Chances You’ll Lose Data This Year?

Data breaches and cyber attacks are getting more frequent. Research by the Pew Research Center suggest that not only are cyber attacks more likely now, but they’re a lot more expensive, too. Individuals, small businesses, multinational corporations, and even state governments are prone to data breaches.

The problem seems to be that most people simply do not realize how exposed their data is. Whenever there’s a mention of Apple’s iCloud hack, Yahoo losing data from over a billion accounts, or Gmail accounts being compromised, the average person seem to think,

“There’s no way that’s going to happen to me!”

So, it makes sense to dig through the data and figure out just how likely an attack on the average person’s data is in any given year.

The Stats

Despite the rising frequency of data breaches and online attacks, data on the subject is surprisingly sparse. A study by the National Cyber Security Alliance estimated that small businesses had a 20% chance of getting hacked each year. A similar study by the Ponemon Institute found that nearly half of the country’s population experienced some form of attack annually. The National Small Business Association found that nearly half of businesses were also prone to some form of attack annually. These are worrying statistics that should raise alarms for anyone who’s ever been close to a keyboard and entered private data onto an online platform.

The problem seems to be that most people simply do not take this threat seriously. Small companies and online services were ignoring basic and free software tools that could protect their activities and transactions online. Millions of businesses were at risk of losing money and valuable data to attackers because of this negligence. McKinsey conducted research in partnership with the World Economic Forum and found that technology companies are losing the battle against cyberattacks. That means that more people are now at risk of attack than ever before. Tech giants with billions of users are more attractive targets for on;line attackers. These same companies are also too slow to patch their software and deal with vulnerabilities in their system.

In other words, mainstream tech platforms for chat, email, and notes may be your business’ biggest risk.

The Need For Privacy

Privacy and data security are valuable commodities now. As the world gets more connected and the volume of data transmitted rises, the need for a safe and secure online platform is likely to grow exponentially.

Anticipating this rise in demand for online security, Secure Swiss Data has invested in a future-proof online platform. It offers cutting edge protection for customers. All data is encrypted with sophisticated algorithms, stored on secure Swiss data centers, and accessible only via two-step verification. This ensures that your data is available to you alone.

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