5 Benefits of Encrypted Email

There are many data security issues surrounding the internet today. Sensitive information can be stolen from any device without the owner of the device being the wiser. The ease of information theft is why we hear the term “encryption” so much, especially when it comes to email and ecommerce websites.

Encryption is important because it changes information in a way that makes it unreadable to someone trying to steal it. The decryption key is all that is able to return the information back to its readable form. This is why encryption is so important for businesses that process credit cards. However, email encryption is equally as important. Since so many people conduct business using email, email must be given more attention. The theft of sensitive data contained within an email could be damaging.

Key Benefits of Encrypted Email

It’s very important that only the intended recipient of an email sees it, which is why encryption should be a part of your email provider’s service. The following are the five key benefits of having encrypted email:

  1. Protects private information – A lot of private information and trade secrets are exchanged over email, which is why it is imperative to make sure that only the intended recipients see the information. It’s important that hackers are unable to decrypt the information that is being passed between individuals.
  2. Cost-effective – When the email service already has encryption integrated into the server, there is no need to purchase additional equipment. Many companies have purchased their own servers when it may not be necessary. That’s a lot of money that could have been saved. A trusted third-party service costs much less.
  3. Timesaving – When email is already encrypted, there’s no need to take additional steps to ensure security. In the past, people would have to use multiple programs to secure their connection so that the information they were about to share would be private. There is no longer a need for this with the right technology. The email provider handles all the legwork.
  4. Regulation compliance – Different industries have certain regulations that must be followed when it comes to communication. HIPAA, for instance, requires patient information to be confidential. Information is to not be shared without the consent of the patient. A hacker getting hold of patient information is a violation.
  5. Avoids spam – Spam attachments tend to contain viruses. Hackers get in in this way. When you or someone else sends attachments using encrypted email, the email contains a digital signature that shows it is genuine. That way, no one is opening spoofed emails.

Protect Your Sensitive Information

The benefits speak for themselves as to why you need encrypted email. With added security that is simple, you can also make others more confident in their communications with you. If there is any doubt that communications could be compromised, people will refrain from communicating.

When you need encrypted email that protects the sensitive information that you are sharing with others, Secure Swiss Data offers that solution. With Secure Swiss Data, you can rest assured that all your communications are protected so you can concentrate on what’s important and not worry about information getting into the wrong hands.

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